Step 5
Inspection & Clearance

All restricted and controlled goods imported into Brunei Darussalam will be subject to customs inspection prior clearance of the goods.

In certain circumstances, normal goods will also be subjected to inspection.

  1. Which documents would I need to provide?
    • For every exportation by sea, air or land, you are required to produce:
      • the Approved Customs Export Declaration; and
      • Supporting Documents such License or Permit from responsible agency for controlled goods

      to the customs officers at the exit points for verification.

    • For exportation via Post Office and exportation of any personal goods or household effects accompany the passengers as hand-carry or check-in luggage, you are not required to present the Customs Export Declaration, except in certain circumstances, when you are asked to do so.
  2. Do I need pre-scheduled inspection?
  3. Some controlled goods requires pre-scheduled inspection by the respective responsible agencies, except in certain circumstance, when you are asked not to do so.

    Example of goods requires pre-scheduled inspection are as follows:

    • Firearms, explosives, fire crackers, and dangerous weapons
    • Timber and product thereof
  4. Obligations of importers and customs agents (forwarders):
  5. Generally, you are required to retain the relevant supporting documents relating to the purchase, import, sale or export of the goods for a period of 7 years from:

    • the date of the Customs Export Declaration has been approved; or
    • from the date of purchase, import, sale or export (for goods departed via Post Office and for personal goods or household effects accompany the passengers as hand-carry or check-in luggage).

    These documents can be stored as physical hardcopies or softcopies or as images. You are required to produce these supporting documents to Royal Customs and Excise Department upon request.