Step 3
Online Customs Import Declaration

Before arrival of imported goods, the importer is required to obtain a Customs Import Declaration.

  1. How to submit Customs Import Declaration?
  2. All Customs Import Declaration must be submitted via BDNSW.

    You may:

    • Appoint a Customs Agents (Forwarders) to submit Customs Import Declaration on your behalf; or
    • Submit Customs Import Declaration for your own or on behalf of your clients. To do so, you will need to register as a declarant and apply for a BDNSW user ID.
  3. How much does Customs Import Declaration cost?
  4. Customs Import Declarations are free of charge.

    If you are engaging a Customs Agents (Forwarders) for assistance in declaring, they may charge service fees. You may wish to check with your appointed Customs Agents (Forwarders) on the charges involved.

  5. In which situation goods may be exempted from Customs Import Declaration?
  6. Certain goods, unless they are dutiable, controlled and requested by Customs Officers to do so, do not require a Customs Import Declaration. These include, but are not limited to:

    • Personal or household effects accompany the passenger as hand-carry or check-in luggage.
    • Parcel Post
    • Documents
    • Goods imported by Courier Services registered under De’Minimis Scheme (non-controlled goods which are not exceeding BND400 CIF)
    • Locally sourced stores loaded for use on board the vessel and aircraft