​Other Customs Matters

Claiming Preferential Tariff Treatment

Preferential Tariff can be given to importers based on obligations under Free Trade Agreements.

  1. How do I claim preferential tariff treatment?

    Depending on the Free Trade Agreement, you should support your claim with:

    • Preferential Certificate of Origin (CO) endorsed by Certificate of Origin Office, Department of Trade Development Facilitation and Promotion Department, Ministry of Finance and Economy; or
    • Self-certification documents by the exporter, producer or importer, registered with the Competent Authority of the exporting country.
  2. Where should I submit the supporting documents to?
  3. Please submit the supporting documents together with Customs Declaration to:

    Business Support Centre

    Royal Customs and Excise Department
    Design & Technology (D&T) Building
    Bandar Seri Begawan BB3713
    Negara Brunei Darussalam

    Telephone: (673) 2382333 / 2382361
    Fax: (673) 2382666

  4. How do I know preferential tariff treatment for my goods?
  5. It will be based on Free Trade Agreements signed by Government of His Majesty the Sultan as follows: