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Ports Tariff:

Accounts Shipper and Consignee

  1. Wharfage (Cargoes Discharges or loaded at Ports Department Berth)
  2. a. Cattles, HorsesB$ 3.00 Each
    b. PoultryB$ 1.00 Each
    c. Motor Cycles B$ 5.00 Each
    d. Motor CarsB$ 25.00 Each
    e. Pick-Ups, VansB$ 35.00 Each
    f. Lorries, BusesB$ 50.00 Each
    g. General Cargoes and Cargoes not named aboveB$ 2.00 Each
  3. Storage: Stored in shed/open area or in containers
  4. 1 Day Free
    2 DaysFree
    3 Days B$ 1.20 cts
    4 DaysB$ 1.60 cts
    5 DaysB$ 2.00 cts
    6 DaysB$ 2.40 cts
    7 DaysB$ 2.80 cts
    8 DaysB$ 3.80 cts
    9 DaysB$ 4.80 cts
    10 DaysB$ 5.80 cts
    11 DaysB$ 6.80 cts
    12 DaysB$ 7.80 cts
    13 DaysB$ 8.80 cts
    14 DaysB$ 9.80 cts
    3rd WeekAdditional B$ 10.20 cts
    4th Week & subsequent weeksAdditional B$ 15.00 cts
    b. Warehouse RentalB$ 1.00 per sq ft.

    Account Vessel

    1. Light Dues (Payable to Director of Marine)10 cts per GRT

    2. Pilotage

    a. For First HourB$280.00
    b. For each subsequent half hour B$140.00

    3. Towage

    a. For First HourB$380.00
    b. For each subsequent half hourB$190.00

    4. Mooring and Unmooring at Berth

    a. Per operation for vessels less than 50m in lengthB$30.00
    b. Per operation for vessels 50m and above in lengthB$60.00
    c. Standby labour 30 minutes B$20.00

    5. Dockage (For the whole time vessels are berthed or along berth vessel)

    a. Working cargo for up to three days , per 100 Grt or part thereof per nearest hourB$0.50 cts
    b. Working cargo after three days, per 100 GRT per nearest hourB$2.00
    c. Not working cargo or two hours after completion of working cargoesB$5.00
    per 100 GRT per nearest hour

    6. Wharfage (Cargoes discharges pr loaded overside at Ports Department berth: at the anchorage or other approved private wharves.)

    a. Cattle, HorsesB$1.50 cts each
    b. Pigs, goatsB$0.50 cts each
    c. PoultryB$0.50 cts each
    d. Motor CyclesB$2.50 cts each
    e. Motor CarsB$12.50 cts each
    f. Pick-Up, VansB$17.50 cts each
    g. Lorries, BusesB$25.00 cts each
    h. General Cargoes and Cargoes not named aboveB$0.75 cts per nearest tonne

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